👋🏼 I’m Nabil Anouti

Digital Strategist. Global Entrepreneur. Tech Enthusiast.

Growing up across North America, Europe, and the Middle East, I recently graduated from McGill University as Valedictorian with two work experiences – Adobe Digital Strategy & Deloitte Digital Consulting. Currently, I lead web design projects at my agency, NAB Design, and often travel, create content, and work on other ventures. Learn more & say hi below 🙂

My Web Design Agency.

Helping businesses craft memorable, result-driven websites since 2015.

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Most Recent Corporate Work Experience.

Digital Strategy Group Consulting Intern, Adobe (San Francisco & New York).

Previous Corporate Work Experience.

Customer Strategy & Applied Design Consulting Intern, Deloitte (Montreal).

Creative & human-centred solutions and experiences.

My interests and skills intersect when strategically designing creative, human-centred, and digital-first solutions & experiences. I founded NAB Design in 2016, started my e-commerce businesses in 2015 and launched my YouTube channels in 2014 while in middle school. Topics I can discuss for hours – in English, French, Arabic or Spanish – include entrepreneurship, design (industrial, human-centred, minimalism), tech, diplomacy, personal finance, and marketing.

Born in Lebanon, I mostly lived in Canada, Switzerland, Jordan, and Egypt growing up and was schooled in the French Baccalaureate system before college. I bring an international perspective to my leadership and always seek a diversity of perspectives in my endeavours. Outside of work, I enjoy good music, good food, videography, travelling, and being active. I’m also a big fan of meeting new people!

Past Corporate Work Experience.

Digital Marketing Intern, CBC/Radio-Canada – all brands, from youth to sports.

Past Corporate Work Experience.

(First-Ever) International Programs Intern, American University of Beirut.

A Few of the Tools I’m Proficient In.

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